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Application form for membership
Author: user1481008180246 05 of december 2016 22:09

Accepted applications for membership

Guild: <OurGuild>
Side: The Alliance
Server: Russian Borasky Tundra
Guild in the Armoury
PVE progress server



The basic requirements for joining
The age of from 18 years and older.
The ability to communicate without using foul language, abuse, harassment and intentional mangling of the Russian language ("padonkovskoy" language, little type "lublu navok and pozitivchik" etc).
It is desirable that conflicts with other players and guilds.

Note the existing difference between the requirements for membership in the Guild and trebovaniyami to get into the RAID. We must understand that if you wish to take an active part in the raids, you must have the ability to play your class, or at least the desire to learn and improve your skills. If you do not know how to use the abilities of your character, do not understand how to play, not willing to learn, do not fulfil recommendations of the class leader, cannot insert a decent stones and hang encanta, no offense to the fact that you do not take in air raids - with this attitude Reid simply can't achieve anything.

Our RAID times
Depends on a particular RAID group.
Usually around 21:00 to 01:00 Moscow time, 3-4 days a week.
Specifically on 25 ppl RAID you can read more time and rules of conduct in the selected theme.

How correctly to issue the order
- For filing an application, create a new topic with the title containing your class, the main specialization (tank, DD, Hilo) and the name of the game, such as "the Warrior of the DD looking the bully."
- In your custom theme, copy the application form below, and write in it with his answers. Do not wash questions, and simply appends beyond the question of its response. Optionally, you may select their answers than questions color, make it more convenient to read. Views should be obtained, for example, such
"4) the Class (warrior, mage, etc): paladin".

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