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The Charter of the Guild

1. General provisions:

1.1 the Guild is unified society players of World of Warcraft (WoW).

1.2 the Purpose of the Guild:

- creating a friendly atmosphere among the players with whom it is easier and more interesting to achieve the desired results in the game;

- to provide mutual assistance to the participating members of the Guild.


2. Rules of conduct:

2.1 the Guild Member is prohibited:

2.1.1 to be Rude, rude, unleash conflicts both in Guild chat, and normal chat (thereby pozorit the name of the Guild). If you want to find a relationship, you do this through the whisper (private). Incitement also leads to nothing good.

2.1.2 to Express a negative opinion about the Guild in General chat channels or channels are not related to the Guild.

2.1.3 to Curse in any form and in any language. Veiled Mat is also considered a violation.

2.1.4 Make misinformation about yourself when registering.

2.1.5 to Join the viola or twins* without notifying the host or GM of the Guild.

*(Twink. Given the simplicity of the current content in WoW, more and more players having a cock. Twink is a character of a low level, called to rule on the fields of battle. Twink differs from the usual character because he is a maximally improved version of the character: the best clothes, the top for this level, improved all zacharovana, patches. To put twink uneasy, sometimes it is necessary to spend a few thousand gold. Specialization for Tinca also selected very carefully. Because twink - a kind of ideal character, each unit of characteristics, each unit of talent on the account.
Usually Twinkie are 19, 29, 39 levels and so on. But sometimes there are more high-level Twinkie. A selection of low due to several factors. First, the lower the level, the greater increases its every feature. And secondly, Tinka low level much easier and faster to pump, and thus can more quickly start to get pleasure from direct play them).

*(Alt (alt) Alternative character, except the main one in your account).  

2.2 the Member of the Guild is not recommended:

2.2.1 Treatment Guild Bank inappropriate that way (see "Conditions of the Bank).

2.3 Member of the Guild is recommended:

2.3.1 to Obey his superiors member of the Guild, if that does not violate the Charter.

2.3.2 to Exercise all possible support to the Guild in both the material and moral sense.

2.3.3 to Render informational assistance to needy members of the Guild.

2.4 Guild Member is obliged:

2.4.1 Visit the website of the Guild at least 1 times a day.

2.4.2 Carefully and every day to read "message of the day" and "log" in the Bank.

2.4.3 Need to establish mandatory Addons" (Supplement to WoW) which should be every player Guild.

2.4.4 Warn of long term does not appear in the game in advance.

2.4.5 to implement the decisions of higher elite Guild.


3. Admission procedure to the Guild:

3.1 admission Conditions and restrictions:

3.1.1 the organization accepted almost any Alliance players from 20-th level.

3.1.2 the age of the player must be at least 18 years

3.1.3 the time spent in the game for at least 2 hours per day.

3.1.4 More or less educated Russian.

3.1.5 Full adequacy.

3.2 Issues when joining a player in the Guild after reading of the Statute for the compilation features about the player and entered in the questionnaire on the website of the Guild.

3.2.1 Real name.

3.2.2 Location of the city and Country, the time in GMT. (Times GMT soon will be displayed also in the profile when registering).

3.2.3's Main profession.

3.3 Responsibilities novoostapovskiy:

3.3.1 to comply Fully with paragraphs 3.2 of these bylaws by sending them to the Guild forum in the section entitled "New face of the Guild. (An example can be seen in the section "Members of the Guild and on the forum in the pinned topic.

3.3.2 Accordingly, the nickname when registering on the site should be like your nickname in the game.

3.3.3 to Read all the information from the site. Especially concerns news and mandatory Addons.

3.3.4 Mandatory installation of Addons Guild.

3.4 Guarantee plays an important role in the Guild. The highest elite has the right to invite a player and, at its discretion, and to build it immediately to the status of "member of the Guild. But, thus, are responsible for that player.


4. Promotions:

4.1 Main criteria for promotion and quick service staircase:

4.1.1 When taking novoostapovskiy he is automatically credited to the rank of "newcomers"until you show itself. Usually no more than 2-5 days.

4.1.2 the Increase may be effected on the first day. This exception is only item 3.4.

4.1.3 Exception should immediately be displayed on the forum in the appropriate section. Created a new topic with nick excluded and nick excluded.

4.1.4 Full career ladder you can see in section "the Title of the Guild.

4.1.5 the Guild tabards are allowed to wear with the title "Member of the Guild.

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